Microsoft wants to simplify Google's migration to Office 365

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Last week, Microsoft added to its Office 365 roadmap the mention of an upcoming "migration experience" from Google G Suite to Office 365. The offer is in development and will be ready by the second quarter of 2019, according to the roadmap.

Here is the mention of the roadmap, in its entirety:

"We've heard the feedback and we're excited to announce the new G Suite migration experience, which will allow you to migrate Google G Suite email, calendar and contacts directly to Office 365! Our highly secure solution ensures that your data is migrated directly to Office 365 without any breakpoints throughout the process, and we also add support for batch mail migration. "

Office 365 migrations slow down

(Thanks to the blog Microsoft Office 365 Weekly and Tom Morgan for reflections on the tools to come.)

As Morgan noted, Google already has an Exchange migration tool. And while administrators can already migrate IMAP email boxes from G Suite using migration nodes, this option does not allow for automatic migration of contacts or calendar items, he added.

On, Tony Redmond wonders if the reason Microsoft is finally working on these migration tools is due to the fact that the migration of the Exchange installed base to Office 365 is running out of steam and that Microsoft needs "more fuel to maintain growth."

It is unclear when Microsoft will present a preview of this future tool.

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