Infinity O: New Information on Samsung's Circular Notch Screen

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Samsung presented at its last conference four new screens including the famous " Infinity O ", with a circular notch. New information is now available about the latter.

Samsung is one of the smartphone brands that is against the notches on its terminals unlike Apple with its iPhone X. This is why at its last conference, the manufacturer has introduced four new screens whose screen " Infinity O Which offers a circular notch. So this is the response of Samsung to compensate with the notches present on many smartphones at the moment.

In order to offer the largest display area possible, Samsung has chosen to make a small hole in its Infinity O screen to embed the front camera module. The other internal components, normally integrated in the notch, will be placed under the slab of the device.

This new Infinity O screen should equip the future Galaxy S10 to be presented by early 2019. But that's not all, as new sources argue that another model, named Galaxy A8s, should make its appearance on the market next year and it would also ship Samsung's new slab with a circular notch.

A first rendering of this Galaxy A8s was shared on Tweeter. We find on the latter a borderless screen and a hole for the front lens.

The famous leaker IceUniverse ", In turn revealed a screen protector for this supposed Galaxy A8s.

None of this information is official, it is only leaks for the moment. However, Samsung has become accustomed to equipping the terminals of its series « Galaxy A "New innovations such as with the next Galaxy A9, which would be the first of the brand to ship a quadruple photo sensor on the back.