LinkedIn violates the RGPD and uses 18 million email addresses for Facebook-targeted advertising

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LinkedIn took the hand in the bag. The social network violated RGPD rules and purchased 18 million non-member email addresses to advertise on Facebook and recruit more users. The data has been removed and the platform claims to have changed its personal information policy.

linkedin violates the rgpd

The social network for professionals LinkedIn has violated the rules of the General Regulation on Data Protection or RGPD for the close friends. According to a report from the Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) spotted by TechCrunch, 18 million email addresses of users who were not members were used by LinkedIn acquired by Microsoft late 2016 to do targeted advertising on Facebook. This volume of contact information would simply have been purchased, the purpose being to encourage these people to register on the service.

LinkedIn has bought the email addresses of non-members to send them advertising via Facebook

The DPC stated that an amicable agreement had been reached between the various parties and that LinkedIn had now ceased these practices. Denis Kelleher, in charge of privacy issues at the social network, said that "The survey conducted by the DPC was useful". He explains that LinkedIn has "Fully cooperated and improved [ses] process to respond to the RGPD ». The case goes back to 2017, it escapes the sanctions: the social network fears nothing and will avoid the fine.

The audit conducted by the Irish authority allowed the deletion of data from European individuals who are not members of LinkedIn. "During this audit, we also identified another area where we could improve data protection for non-members and we have voluntarily changed our practices.", says Denis Kelleher to show the good faith of the platform in this area.

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