We can now buy the autonomous mini car of Amazon (but it must be programmed)

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Amazon sells its Deep Racer for pre-order. The mini autonomous car will cost $ 400, and will be programmable through the brand's artificial intelligence service, Amazon SageMaker.

Track races mini autonomous cars ? This is the latest idea from Amazon Web Services, which launched its DeepRacer on its e-commerce platform November 28, 2018. The owners of the small vehicle can program it on Amazon SageMaker, to optimize decision-making. Then, the American giant offers developers to participate in races of DeepRacer, in a dedicated league. However, it will still cost 400 dollars to afford the vehicle.

She looks like a remote-controlled car, but she behaves alone. Amazon has equipped the Deep Racer with its machine learning, Reinforcement learning, so that the car is autonomous and improves its track trajectories. The artificial intelligence of the machine is based on an Atom processor and a 4 megapixel camera to detect obstacles.

Amazon will improve its AI thanks to amateur developers

To improve its performance, Deep Racer owners will be able to program themselves in Amazon SageMaker, the brand's artificial intelligence service. With this module, they can test the vehicle on a simulator in 3D, which will have several different tracks. On the first tests, the trajectory of the car is still hesitant, and on the speed side, we are far from the F1 races.

Clearly, the design of the Amazon Web Services Deep Racer is not as dreamy as its technology. // Source: Amazon

To encourage users to hone their Deep Racer, Amazon has created a dedicated championship, the final of which will be played next year in Las Vegas, for the 2019 edition of the Re: invent conference. The first race ended this Thursday, on the occasion of the announcement of the product, and it is a certain Rick Fish who is on the top step of the podium.

The machine learning implemented to train these mini-cars could be used for a real vehicle. We are far from announcing the launch of Amazon in the autonomous vehicle, but behind the gadget aspect of the toy developer, there are real learning issues.

To get the Deep Racer, you'll have to shell out 400 dollars. Finally, for the moment, Amazon proposes it in pre-order at 250 dollars, but limits the delivery in the United States.

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