Which iPhone to choose in 2018?

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The iPhone XS chased the iPhone X as the iPhone X had, in its time, chased the iPhone 6 Plus … With each new generation of iPhone, Apple cleans the range and eliminates some models from its catalog . But these "old" iPhone are still available from other distributors, and often offered reconditioned. So they stay in the race if you want to buy an iPhone. A short guide to help you see more clearly in the range of smartphones from Apple.

What are the differences between an iPhone and … an iPhone?

The first iPhone, launched in 2007, belongs to prehistory. But even if it is more recent, an iPhone launched in 2013 or in 2014 has nothing to do with an iPhone 2017 or 2018. Every year, Apple improves its smartphone either by small touches, or by creating large breaks . In 2014, the manufacturer introduced its first major models: theIphone 6 inaugurated the 4.7-inch screens and theiPhone 6 Plus those of 5.5 inches. In 2017, he suppressed the central button and inaugurated the fast charging by launching theiPhone X. The camera has progressively gained in quality until becoming very efficient on XS iPhone and XS Max. IPhone is also becoming more powerful. Which does not mean that this power is indispensable!

I do not have big needs, can I settle for an iPhone of 2012 or 2013?

Buy today a iPhone 5, a iPhone 5S or one iPhone 5C is possible, but necessarily a good investment. Admittedly, these smartphones are not very expensive (count € 109 for a reconditioned iPhone 5S 16 GB), but their software is obsolete: Apple does not update them with new versions of iOS. As a result, many applications in the App Store will not work and your smartphone will not benefit from security updates. You will not be able to use a connected watch Apple Watch (the most recent, theApple Watch Series 4 does work for example with a smartphone under iOS 12). In short, these versions do not represent the future, but may be suitable for use in the short or medium term, for a teenager, for example. Also take into account the memory capacity of the iPhone: with only 16 GB, the smartphone can quickly become saturated.

I want an iPhone, but not a big one: aim for the iPhone SE

TheiPhone OS is the latest incorporating a small 4-inch screen. It is no longer available on the Apple site, but you will find it still easily in the trade (309 € for a new iPhone SE 32 GB). It includes a 12 megapixel camera and a 1.2 megapixel front sensor, as well as a fingerprint sensor to unlock the screen. Just note that it's not waterproof (the first water-resistant iPhone is theiPhone 7). Launched in 2016, it promises to be updated by Apple for 3 years, making it a relatively sustainable purchase. Avoid older models.

I want the best value for money: why not the iPhone 7

Whenever Apple launches a new iPhone, it lowers the price of previous models. An iPhone 6S 128 GB today costs € 459 against € 969 when it was launched in 2015. In comparison, the iPhone XR, launched in September 2018 is sold for € 917. Between these two models, the iPhone has of course evolved (the screen has grown, the central button has disappeared, the fingerprint has given way to facial recognition and the iPhone has become waterproof) but these developments do not are not necessarily essential for everyone.

In other words, a fairly new iPhone is a good iPhone. Before even the technical characteristics, waterproofing is an important criterion for the longevity of your phone. The iPhone 7 (launched in 2016) was the first to enjoy, so this model seems a good deal today. Its price in new is 529 € (32 GB). Look also at the reconditioned smartphones, which is an interesting alternative for equipping at a good price. The iPhone 7 32 GB is sold around 420 €. The price of these smartphones is up to 30% lower than the price of new.

I hesitate between iPhone X and iPhone XR

If you are aiming for a trendy iPhone, without a central button, but do not want to leave your shirt there (as with the iPhone XS or XS Max, which cost respectively € 1,155 and € 1,255 in 64 GB), you will doubtless hesitate between the all-new iPhone XR and theiPhone X, launched last year (and that Apple has rushed out of its catalog). These two models today cost the same price (about 850 € for the 64 GB version). The match features tilts the scales towards the iPhone X. The latter has indeed an Oled screen (better contrast than the LCD of the iPhone XR) compatible with the "3D Touch" (press the screen to access some options), and especially it incorporates a dual photo sensor on the back. Apple has removed this dual sensor iPhone XR, it now reserves this "must" to its most expensive iPhone.

I want to take good pictures: the embarrassment of choice

The quality progress of smartphone photos is spectacular. Without idolizing Apple, we must recognize a historical mastery of software image processing that allows it to offer a good photo quality on its smartphones for years. This photo quality has improved significantly model after model and the latest iPhone XS and XS Max are even better than their predecessors on this criterion. Everything will be a question of budget.