Here are the best games and apps according to Google in 2018

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Applications on the Play store are more and more numerous every day. To reward the hard work of developers, Google has decided to publish its list of the best apps and games. This year, the Mountain View giant had appealed to the utillizers. Here are the results now.

The end of the year is coming and it is therefore logical that the best-of begin to appear. Google has taken a step ahead this year and has released its list of top apps and games, categorizing them. Check out the list of the best apps and games of 2018.

The best 2018 apps from Google

Best App of 2018

It's Drops who elected by Google. The application allows learning of 31 different languages ​​through mini-games. The application is free but limited to one learning session per day.

Audience Award

We continue with the best application chosen by the public. It's Molotov who has been awarded by Google as the best app. This is an app that wants to reinvent television. Molotov is a very interesting service because it has the merit of offering the most popular channels. You can not only watch live programs but also access a replay system, or even save them for later viewing.

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Molotov won the Audience Award. © ANDROIDPIT

Find now the complete selection of the best apps of 2018 on the Play Store according to Google, classified by categories:

Most entertaining apps

Best discoveries

The best of personal development

Best practical apps

The best 2018 games from Google

Best game of 2018

No it's not Fortnite (the game is not officially available on the Play Store) but good PUBG who has been rewarded. For those who missed the PUBG phenomenon, 100 naked and desperate suitors are dropped on an island cluttered with gear and weapons to massacre themselves happily until only one remains. To put the pressure on, the play area narrows periodically, automatically eliminating players left out of the play area. In short, fun!

Audience Award

The best games for the general public

The most innovative games

The most competitive games

The best independent games

What was the best game and application for you this year 2018?