iPhone 5G: no hurry, Apple would wait until 2020, a year after Huawei and Samsung

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According to Bloomberg, Apple should not market 5G smartphone before the year 2020. The lack of maturity of some markets could be the cause.

5G is on everyone's lips. And for good reason, the year 2019 should mark the arrival of this fifth generation of mobile telephony standards in some countries, while major manufacturers are rushing to design their first mobile phone 5G. In South Korea, SK Telecom, the largest operator in the country, has even inaugurated its commercial 5G network on Monday, December 3, 2018, unfortunately useless for compatible terminals.

A year behind its main competitors

If Samsung and Huawei seem on the war foot – both should introduce their first 5G mobile device in 2019 – Apple, he wants to move at his own pace. And for the Apple brand, 5G smartphones are far from being a priority, it would expect the year 2020 to really embark on this new adventure. This is in any case what we believe the information from Bloomberg, gleaned from people close to the file.

In theory, the Californian firm would then be a year behind compared to its main Asian rivals. But they want to position themselves as soon as possible on the niche, despite a starving number of countries able to offer such a network. It will take more than a year for the major markets to equip themselves with adequate infrastructure.

Markets still too immature

A sufficiently valid reason for it to be taken seriously by Apple. The Cupertino company is banking on patience while waiting for the emergence of more mature markets. Knowing that uneven coverage would not encourage consumers to take the leap to 5G smartphones whose prices would initially be expensive. In France, Orange, SFR and Bouyges Telecom perform their first tests at Lille / Douai, Paris-Saclay and Bordeaux, respectively, before an expected launch in the second quarter of 2019. In case of delay, its deployment could be postponed to 2020. The opportunity for Apple to invite the party?

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