Fallout 76: for wanting to "eliminate all gays", players have been bailed out

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Unusual formula of the saga fallout, Fallout 76 allows fans of the series to find themselves in an online form. A multiplayer adventure that offers benefits, but also paves the way for some problems. Some players faced a homophobic attack, which Bethesda did not let go.

a homophobic speech leading to a definitive ban

The advantage of online gambling is the ability to play with other players. Some opt for cooperation, others prefer confrontation. But while a good-natured, or at least cordial, spirit is supposed to persist, some players loosen their tongues and have fun insulting other players. A situation that victims wanted to share on Twitter, asking Bethesda to act. And for good reason, in addition to the verbal attacks, prohibited, the attackers held a homophobic speech. These "gays exterminators", as they were called during this game session, wanted to "clean the map of these queers". Since the game does not have built-in support for reporting the actions of other players, AJ and his friends turned to Twitter to join Bethesda. The support then contacted them before sending them an adequate link, which did not work or allowed the sending of video files. The video, visible just below, allows to clearly hear the hate speech of these players.

The altercation began when one of the members of AJ's group stopped one of the members of the other group to compliment his outfit. Compliment that the latter did not take well, since he replied: "Nothing to do with this homo shit", before leaving. 10 minutes later, NathanTheHicc came back, accompanied, and the small group started killing AJ's group. In Fallout 76, PvP only starts when both parties inflict damage. The damage done by NathanTheHicc and his friends was minimal. An observation that even led to a comment on the resistance beyond this queer standard.

"At the moment, I was shocked," admits AJ to Eurogamer. "It was disgusting, even though we are all three streamers and we are not strangers to the homophobic comments, it was extreme, we discussed what had happened, to make sure that we were all fine, before continuing to play, and the rest of the night I felt emptied, it was a strange feeling. "

"I was also pissed off, these guys were hanging out in the corner, looking for targets, and if they had targeted a child who is still looking for it, what would have happened if they had said these things to someone? one who plays alone and would not have anyone to talk about it can really trouble someone, play a game to escape reality and then, something like this happens, that's why we have to be able to report this kind of people and why companies have to do something about it. "

To act immediately, Bethesda was keen to ban the identified players for three days. A temporary ban became definitive, when the publisher realized that NathanTheHicc had uploaded his misdeeds on his personal YouTube channel.

This channel has since been banned, for the hate speech that could be heard in the video in question. However, Nathan TheHicc, who confirms the facts, does not expect to apologize.

"My version of the incident is more or less the same as the way the public took it, the only difference being that I do not hate homosexuals." It was just late at night, we had fun and after the first meeting, we thought it would be funny to offend them in any way.You can say it's demonic but it was just teasing immaturity.

I do not regret the incident. I will not apologize even if it gives me the opportunity. I do not plan to do anything like this again in the future, but to be fair, I did not plan the initial accident. I just met them and decided to go in that direction, "he told Eurogamer by email.

Following this incident, relayed on several occasions on the web, Bethesda does not intend to install any "report" function at stake. Players can, if they wish, block other players at the touch of two buttons. The current system seems to suit the publisher, despite feedback from some players Fallout 76. And you, do you think that a button to postpone other players is necessary? Feel free to share your opinion via the comments section.