Google Maps posted swastikas by mistake, but that's not at all what you think

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Google Maps has the benefit of the expertise of one of the largest companies in the world, the solution is not free of bug and she has just proved it again by mistakenly displaying swastikas on several hotels in the United Kingdom and in the USA.

If we believe the information in our possession, then this bug would have occurred at the end of last week. More precisely, Friday.

Google Maps tips

By opening the application, several people from the United States and the United Kingdom have reported the presence of swastikas at hotels in their region.

When swastikas appear in Google Maps

Some of them contacted local media. HuffPost is one of them and our colleagues did not fail to relay the strange affair in their lines.

Google, meanwhile, was quick to respond and the company has indicated that this bug was not really one.

If the Nazi regime appropriated the swastika and made it a symbol of oppression, racism and anti-Semitism, it was not born with the Third Reich.

In reality, the swastika is a Sanskrit term and it appeared for the very first time in the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, Sanskrit epics as the foundation of Hindu mythology. The word also has a very different meaning than that given to him by Hitler since it can be translated by the expression "what brings luck".

More interestingly, according to anthropologists, the swastika would be one of the oldest symbols of humanity and would not be limited to Hindu culture. In fact, similar symbols were found in Ukraine or even among the Greeks and the oldest would date back to around 10,000 BC.

A bug that is not really a problem

Unfortunately, following the horrific massacre perpetrated by the Nazi regime, the swastika is now considered a taboo symbol and this is precisely why this funny bug occurred in Google Maps was massively relayed.

However and as indicated a little higher, this bug is not really one and the symbol of the swastika is thus part of the symbols supported by the search of Maps. A symbol that allows Internet users to find easily the places of worship indexed on the platform.

However, the latter was not supposed to appear on Google Maps and even less on hotels. Google has, however, reported that a patch has been deployed. The bug is now resolved.