What are the "yellow vests" in their Facebook Live?

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Excluding parties, excluding unions, out of any traditional organizations, "yellow vests" are found on social networks to debate and coordinate and especially through long Facebook Live videos.

The "yellow vests", very active on Facebook. © Maxppp /

It is on Facebook that the "yellow vests" found their way of organizing themselves. Outside of political parties and unions, freed from traditional organizations, this movement has been structured around social networks for more than a month now. There are dozens of size groups of varying size – "Angry France", for example, brings together hundreds of thousands of members – and every day, tens of thousands of comments and messages posted.

In selfie mode

One of the forms of expression of "yellow vests" passes through the 'Live' function of the social network Facebook. Videos filmed in selfie mode, both by protesters and lambda citizens and by others, become somehow leaders. Éric Drouet, for example, is one of the figures of the movement. Truck driver, he films himself driving his truck before, during and after the mobilizations. He starts his videos ("Hello friends") and waits for the first comments. Then engage a ping-pong conversation between him and the Internet users who ask questions in the area provided for this purpose. In these dialogues seen tens of thousands of times he answers the questions posed, in particular, about the rest of the movement.

Information channel

The videos also become an information dissemination channel for these yellow vests. They learn mainly about the sequence of events (possible meetings with the government), the appointment of spokespersons and the balance sheets of the events. It is also here that crystallizes a real mistrust of the media. Maxime Nicolle, one of the spokespersons shared this video this weekend after the demonstration in which he explains for example that it is necessary to move away from the media because "they will end up putting it upside down" in "returning the questions".

Comments, whether positive, supportive or insulting, plus there are, more Facebook makes the videos visible. The discussions are full of comments and suggestions on the future of the movement but sometimes give the impression of being in a general assembly "digital version", with what it has good and bad. A free expression, but a little messy which explains – perhaps – the difficulty of the "yellow vests" to really get organized.