Freebox V7: Back on the teasers of Free while waiting for the press conference

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After several postponements, Free will finally reveal to the general public, his latest technological gem. A keynote in the style of those organized by the giants of Silicon Valley has indeed been confirmed for this December 4 at 10 am. And the operator is obviously determined to make it the technological event of the year, or at least the end of the year. In the light of this great moment, he multiplies indeed teasers while keeping a good deal of mystery on his Freebox V7.

That tease and that buzz!

Xavier Niel, emblematic boss of Free, had himself given the slogan a few months ago by describing the future Freebox as a major innovation, a disruption, as they say in the middle. "Free will recreate the buzz" he had said then, obviously very proud and happy with the big surprise he reserved for the French. If we do not know for the moment, if the new baby will live up to the hopes of freenautes, as for the buzz, we can already say that it is successful. In recent days, Free has indeed managed to generate excitement around its Freebox V7 and the event of this Tuesday morning.

Firstly through a tweet reminder on November 30, then through another tweet this time with a short enigmatic video, published on December 1. In addition to the mention J-3, the video clearly contained a message hidden behind a scroll of Greek letters: Beta, Delta, Omega and Sigma. What to fuel a little speculation around the official denomination of the different versions of the new box.

December 2, at D-2, rebels with a new subliminal video to announce the event.

In parallel, an advertising campaign is launched on television. M6, but also TF1, broadcast a small spot in which we can see some people marking their astonishment at what seems to be the new freebox, with the slogan "indefinable". The spot is also broadcast in the Paris metro.
On December 3rd, the day before the event, a new tweet with a short "J-1" video is posted.

On the Free Center account, a tweet invites users to attend the Keynote in one of the service centers of the operator, the free centers.

And as if to add a layer, different ads have also been published throughout the day. Each time, the The watchword is the same: "what will be presented tomorrow will be exceptional".
With these different ads, Free seems to have managed his coup de com, because all eyes are now turned to Xavier Niel and his team.

What to expect finally?

At the current stage, it's difficult to say exactly what Xavier Niel and his team are really looking for. Every time, the suspense will be raised on the various features of the Freebox V7, but not that. Free is also expected to unveil new key elements of its new business strategy to once again grow with growth. It must be said that the last few months have not really been the best for the operator. The issues of this Keynote are therefore particularly high. RDV is taken for this December 4th at 10am.

The live press conference on: