Those who are hiding behind the "yellow vests" on Facebook

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Just type "yellow vests" in the search bar of Facebook to instantly feel the crumbling movement: more than a hundred pages and more than a hundred groups were created around the clothing that is put on when we are in danger and we need help.

"Angry France" and its regional variations have more than 250,000 members. The group "Yellow Vest" created on October 25 has 135,000 members. More than 1300 messages were posted online in a few hours Monday morning, under a banner representing "Freedom guiding the people" with a yellow vest. Over the comments, we read a deep distrust of the political thing – "All is said, the government is really rotten must clear everything ","It seems that the majority loses every hour that passes a little of his beautiful arrogance!" or "I am ok for the abolition of the privileges of our politicians who are there only to enrich themselvesThere is also a lot of media rejection, the "mediators" or "BFMacron". And many expectations and attention to others: "On the roundabout in Cahors, I light the fire every morning so that this flame of hope, fraternity burns, meet again and again, and see there are so many people who are fed up! So many young people, our elders, all socio-cultural categories, hand in hand … "

The shadow of recovery

On the account of the administrators of these pages, pictures of children, from fights clubs, car clubs, grannies at the tiny retreat, prefabricated pavilions, barbecues of solidarity. Photos of Coluche. And also calls: "Do not miss this photo without sharing it." We see a black and white shot of Paris under the barricades in 1968, with these words: 35% increase in the SMIC, increase of 10% of all the wages, a fourth week of paid holidays etc … It took unfortunately an incredible violence to arrive there. The people with a short memory! " (Sic)

Simply type "yellow vests" into the Facebook search bar to instantly experience the thrill of large numbers and the shadow of recovery. More than 1.5 million views for a video calling on the military in France to respect a Soldier's Code that would force them to stand up for the oppressed. Same audience for the interview by the pro-Russian RT channel of a young demonstrator in a yellow vest, declaring to have seen "gangs of police disguised as thugs", and who was later identified as Axel Rokvam, one of the forerunners "Watchmen" of the Manif for all – a yellow vest not really lambda.

More than 2.5 million views for a video supposed to shows yellow vests unmasking and expelling police disguised as thugs. More than 4.5 million views for another video ostensibly showing thugs delivering their police armband after the violence at the Arc de Triomphe. And slipped among the hundreds of comments, calls from the foot to go to something else. of the messages about Ukraine and Russia. And many, many messages about the UN Pact for Migration – including calls to sign a petition. "Macron wants to sell France to the UN for after resigning. Can someone tell me if it's true or not? " falsely naive this user (300,000 views in a few hours). "French generals stand up against the signing of the Global Compact for Migration! Share massively, call another. Under the lifejackets, the yellow fracture.