Tumblr decides to ban adult content on its platform

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That's it, it's decided and acted, the microblogging network Tumblr has announced on Monday, December 3rd that the platform will ban all pornographic content. A decision that comes a few weeks after the withdrawal of its iOS application from the Apple Store due to the hosting of child pornography content.

Make "a better and more positive Tumblr"

The new policy of Tumblr will be effective from December 17 next. Site CEO, Jeff D'Onofrio, explains that this delay will allow users who wish to continue to publish content that does not comply with the new policy to migrate to another platform.

Tumblr states that adult content concerns both photos, videos and GIFs on which it is possible to to see genitals or a woman's chest appear, as well as any media featuring sexual acts. The goal for the microblogging site is to to propose "a better and more positive Tumblr" as the title of the ticket indicates, because for D'Onofrio "There is no shortage of sites offering adult content".

As a reminder, David Karp founded the site in 2007. Since then, the platform hosts more than 400 million blogs. In 2013, the company is acquired by Yahoo! and enhances moderation by automatically filtering all content posted on its platform. Despite this system, it did not stop some people from posting child pornography. Last year, Jeff D'Onofrio succeeded the founder of the New York company which was bought by Verizon for $ 4.5 billion.

Because of its pornographic content, Tumblr has already been banned and blocked in Indonesia last spring. For their part, users regret the new platform policy they consider abusive. On Twitter with the hashtag #TumblrIsDead, web users have pointed out, screenshots in support, that already many non-pornographic content had been removed from the platform.