Tim Cook: on Apple's platforms, there is no room for hatred

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Tim Cook gave this December 3rd a speech during the summit in New York of theADL (Anti-Defamation League), after receiving the first "Courage Against Hate" trophy issued by this league that fights against racism and hatred.

The CEO of Apple, very involved in this fight, explained loud and clear that his company had only one message to address to those who " propagate hatred, division or violence: there is no place for you on our platforms " reports The Verge.

" From the beginnings of iTunes to Apple Music today, we have always banned music that has a history of white supremacy Explained Tim Cook. " Why ? Because it's the right thing to do. And as we have shown this year, we will not give a platform for violent conspiracy theories. Why ? Because it's the right thing to do ".

The boss of Apple here refers to the removal of content Alex Jones (podcasts and application), a far-right conspiracy particularly virulent (read: Tim Cook on Alex Jones: "We do not take a political stance"). Apple's decision has resulted a movement within social networks that have all ended up deleting Jones' content.

On a more technological level, Tim Cook has picked up some of the key ideas of his Brussels speech, in October. " Apple is a technology company, but we never forget that the products we design are designed by the human spirit, made by the human hand, and designed to improve human lives ".

He pursues : " I worry less about computers than people who think like computers. Technology should be about human potential, it should [nous rendre] optimistic ". Tim Cook concludes by saying that the future should belong to those who perceive technology as a means to build a more optimistic and inclusive world. Picture : ADL