A great comparison of the iPhone X / Xr / Xs Max

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Comparison of displays, performance, heat metering, large test cameras and autonomy metering. iPhone X, iPhone Xr and iPhone Xs Max. Great comparison!

And we decided to make a comparison of the last three iPhones and exactly answer what kind of smart Apple is worth taking at the end of 2018. Comparison of iphone X, Xr, Xs Max in design, screen, performance, heat, camera and autonomy. The iPhone Xr is even cheaper, but no worse. By design, everything is an amateur. The iPhone Xr vs Xs and X in the displays loses a bit since the IPS. But with performance and heating – Xs Max loses a little, iPhone Xr won. The shooting is about the same, but the camera is slightly better in Xr and Xs Max. Comparing the sound is not necessary, everywhere everything is equally good. But in the autonomy of the iPhone X vs iPhone X v vs iPhone Xs Max won the last one.

See the comparison in this review for more details, thanks for every your like.

☞ You can buy here:
● iPhone X – http://bit.ly/2IbEPa6
● iPhone Xr – http://bit.ly/2Oet8BE
● iPhone Xs Max – http://bit.ly/2NEbUQT

☞ Time Codes:
1:00 – Design
2:37 – Displays
4:41 – Performance – Benchmarks
5:18 – Performance – Heating Measurement
6:28 – Comparing cameras
13:27 – Sound
14:02 – Autonomy
16:10 – Results


☞ Filmed on a Panasonic GH5:


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