For the 5G on the iPhone, Apple will not rush

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Apple will not release iPhone compatible with the 5G in 2019. A logical choice.

Apple will not throw himself together in 5G. According to an indiscretion shared by Bloomberg December 3, 2018, the Cupertino company should not launch an iPhone compatible with the cellular network of tomorrow before 2020 – at a minimum.

Android competition will not wait. As reported The VergeSamsung and operator Verizon are targeting the first half of 2019 for a first 5G smartphone – probably a variation of the Galaxy S10. For its part, Huawei has already stated its ambitions on the market. Which could cause a big delay for Apple.

Intel Modem 5G
The first 5G modem from Intel. // Source: Intel

Apple has always been patient

Unlike rivals who want to make 5G an additional argument in the datasheet, Apple does not want to launch a product too early. A choice that had paid off at the time of the 3G transition to 4G, where his patience had paid off in the face of the many problems encountered by early users (poor coverage, autonomy that melted like snow in the sun). However, nothing says that the transition to 5G will be, too, in pain.

Apple's decision to wait until 2020 could, in fact, be more severe than anything else. Indeed, Intel's 5G modems will not be ready for 2019 – unlike those of Qualcomm, with whom Apple no longer maintains good relations.

Will Apple suffer from this delay? We can think that no, especially if we refer to schedule for the deployment of 5G in Europe. In 2020, only one city per member state could be covered (Paris in France?). At first, the 5G could therefore be a badge to affix on a promotional tool – to do well. Unless the deployment is more dazzling than expected, Apple has every reason not to rush.

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