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Holy moly, it's already December! We can not believe how fast the first 11 months of the year have passed, but 2018 is not quite over yet. You still have plenty of time to charge your iPhone and iPad with paid iOS apps for free, and you'll find seven cool options in the Monday summary.

This article covers paid iPhone and iPad apps made available. free for a limited time by their developers. BGR is not affiliated with any application developers. There is no way of saying how long they will be free. These sales could end in an hour or a week. Obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that they were free at the time of writing this article. If you click on a link and see a price displayed next to an application instead of the word "get", it is no longer free. The sale is over. If you download the app anyway, Apple will charge you. Some apps may have additional built-in purchases. Subscribe to our RSS feed to be notified as soon as these publications are published and you will avoid missing the sales we cover.

AutoLike – I like for Instagram

Normally $ 9.99

ONLY AT PRESENT !!!! Pay once and use the app forever without the monthly payment. Similar apps cost $ 10 per month

. The app will help you search users on Instagram, find new photos and videos based on location, hashtags, etc., like messages automatically, save results and view activity statistics in real time. [19659006] NOTE: You must use the proxy to connect your IG account. If you have any problems with your account, please write to us on the support

. Download AutoLike – I like for Instagram

. Hands Free Browser

Normally $ 0.99

You dirty your hands? With this app you can surf the web without touching the screen.
It's great to read recipes while cooking, follow the repair instructions with greasy hands, work, make up, or get up to speed on housework. while wearing gloves.

This application has also proven useful for people with arthritis or when delicate movements are difficult or painful.

You use gestures similar to those you would use on a touch screen, so it looks natural right away. . Watch the video here to see how it works http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vWI7b9NzQPc

Just browse the web normally to the page you want, then drop or dock your device. You can now use hand gestures up or down in front of your phone to scroll vertically or "scan" sideways to move from page to page.


• The hands-free browser has been integrated with the main utility. 10 applications in many countries of the world.

• Fluid and functional web browser with support for vertical scrolling

• The optional "Hands-Free Favorites" module allows you to browse all your favorite pages by swiping 100% with your hands.

• "Hands free favorites" bonus: a "low hand" gesture that you can assign to the navigation action of your choice! (iPhone only)

• Get now in your iPhone / iPad gesture features similar to those of other brands of phones trendy!

• Built-in help and tips to help you visualize the immediate operation of gestures.

• Quickly and easily add your bookmarks to your favorite sites.

• Disable on-screen help for advanced users.

• "Time spent waiting for a charge" indicator. See how much time you lose waiting for web pages to load!

• Immediate developer assistance, accessible from the application. If you want to add a feature or have problems, the developer is happy to help you.

This application uses the algorithms of camera vision and computer vision from the front. It operates reliably under normal lighting conditions, at distances ranging from 20 cm to 1 meter.

Download Hands-free Browser

Vxcam – Video text AR & Emoji

Normally $ 1.99.

#The best app for creating video stories in augmented reality.

Add RA texts, emoji, videos in the environment around you. When you're done, you can take pictures and videos while moving around and telling a story.

Discover the amazing features:
– Share your story and photos with your friends on Snapchat, Facebook, Whatsapp and private texts.
– Add AR text in a variety of fonts and colors
– Add your own videos in the environment around you
– Walk in your videos to experiment them in 3D
– Ability to create beautiful hologram videos.
– Videos based on real verbal objects with image tracking.
– Increase or decrease the size of objects using intuitive panoramic gestures.
– Browse the objects as if they were in your world and experience virtual reality
– Ability to draw freely in augmented reality
– The app now uses machine learning to identify the object so that you can draw in AR using a real-life object or pen.
– Use it for a management event and directions
– If it is for real estate and free visits
– Optimized for iPhone X

How to use the magic pen function to draw freely:
– Place the object behind the camera with which you want to draw
– Now tap the screen to identify the object so that the application can follow its movement
– Draw slowly and keep your hands in the frame to draw

Download Vxcam – Video AR Text and Emoji

Snap Markup – Annotation Tool

As a rule, $ 1.99

Snap Markup is a tool for photos. It marks or annotates the photo with different shapes and sends it anywhere. Snap Markup offers various drawing shapes, such as free drawing, rectangle, triangle, line, arrow, circle, numbers, arm curve, blur effect, focus, rotations, text and crop.

This is a powerful application to have in your toolbox. It can be useful for any place where annotations are required for a photo.

If you like to use Snap Markup, please take a minute to leave us a nice review. It really helps!

Download Snapshots – Annotation Tool

Color Tap Plus

Normally $ 0.99

Color Tap is a fast game against time and color.

Within 60 seconds, select the correct color to go up the rankings, but press the wrong color and you will lose points.

Hitting a streak of color will provide bonus points. If you can continue the series, the bonus points will increase.

Can you win a flawless victory?

Download Color Tap Plus


Normally $ 1.99.

Sticklings is a unique puzzle game whose mission is to get a flock of Stickmans into the goal using various abilities. Like a Lemming, a Stickman walks and walks and your goal is to correctly assign the correct task to a Stickman to guide all other Stickmans on the right path. Capacities include blocking, self-destruction, jumping, bomb throwing, precipitation and bridge building. The levels are limited in time with the possibility of winning gold, silver and bronze medals. And if you fail, you can always choose Nuke em!

Download Sticklings

TimeXFit – Formatting Wizard

Normally $ 0.99.

TimeXfit – turns your device into a fitness guru! Why? Because it's a powerful tool that will help you build your own fitness program from the ground up. Simply record your own exercises, group them in series and you can manage any of your exercises. But the most important! with TimeXfit, you do not have to memorize impressive and overwhelming names and exercise techniques, you can simply record your own voice commands, photos and even videos! These reminders and tips will help you simplify your workouts and greatly increase their efficiency.

Interesting? Here are some additional information for you:

The world of physical training can be complex and sometimes confusing, with an ever-increasing myriad of training styles, including strength training, yoga, pilates, crossfit, bootcamp training, and more. To be in great shape, you need a consistent and well-executed exercise program that TimeXfit will provide you with ease and convenience. Now you can focus your efforts on training, where it should be, and not on memorizing the routine to follow.

Have you ever seen your trainer barking Orders are waiting for you when you're gasping and you forget the routine when you come back to life?

You finally managed to write everything down, but after a day or two, hello the confusion – it seems that someone else has written it.

HELP! How am I doing this again ?? The coach explained, or even demonstrated, that you do not concentrate and that you can not remember the proper technique if your life depends on it.

To solve all these problems once and for all, we created TimeXfit. Here's what TimeXfit can do for you:


You can create entire training regiments from any exercise. You can combine different exercises in sets and define the time of exercise, as well as the rest and recovery time between them.

Audio alerts or vibrating markers can be added to each series. You can also go further and record your own voice commands and reminders. So, you will always know exactly what to do.

Want even more customization and convenience at your fingertips? You can also add photos or videos for each exercise you have created to easily remember the perfect shape.

It does not matter whether your workout consists of two exercises or whether it's a complex circuit with dozens of exercises, you and TimeXFit can handle it! You can edit, add, delete, adjust the order and even double the exercises in your personal training program.

Once you have finalized your training program, simply plug it into the built-in player and your smartphone becomes a virtual fitness guru! TimeXFit will illustrate what exercises to do, how often, when and how. The timing, the number of sets and the order of your entire workout are within everyone's reach.

No time to go to the gym? Is a personal trainer too expensive? Do you want to get real training from real fitness professionals and stay in the best shape possible? TimeXfit is the solution for you because we have developed a ready-made Pro-Workouts section available in the app.

We have partnered with some of the world's best professional personal trainers to create six unique and challenging workout routines for you. Our trainers have selected over 90 different exercises that they found to be more effective with their clients. Each professional training has three levels of difficulty, so it's easy to select the right level, and as your fitness improves, it's easy to switch to more advanced routines. YOU with TimeXFit!

Download TimeXFit – Fitness Assistant