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The past few months have been quite intense on the Apple side. Especially the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max models are the focus of attention with their prices and the features they provide.

We prepared many iPhone XS Max videos for you and we presented our ideas about this phone. But this time we are with a different content.

So, after all this time, how did the iPhone XS Max become so intense? How durable was XS Max, which we used carefully, to scratches? This phone, which we call without using any sheath, was as durable as claimed?

Can the iPhone XS Max stand without phone case?

Together with the video we prepared for you, we evaluate the unmanaged use of Apple's next generation phone XS Max. IPhone models sold at very high prices, if we use without the jacket we leave us half way, we are trying to learn the answer. Then we try three beautiful Spigen sheaths. Good looks!

If you want to buy an iPhone XS Max phone case, click the link below:


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