Merry Christmas: Microsoft makes fun of the iPad

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Microsoft does not hesitate to tackle the iPad in a Christmas advertisement for its Surface Go.

Microsoft and Apple will not celebrate Christmas together, judging by the latest advertising from the Redmond firm extolling the qualities of the Surface GB and published on December 3, 2018. Where we discover that the iPad would not be a computer, contrary to what Apple has been hammering for months.

The video features a 10-year-old child who today would need a real computer, not a tablet. " Grandma, do not ruin yourself to buy me an iPad. It was good when I was six, but I now have ten. My dreams are bigger, so I need a real computer ", Likes to dream the heroine, in song.

Microsoft 1 – Apple 0

Microsoft does not hesitate to openly mock Apple, naming the iPad from the first seconds. A very aggressive communication strategy, but which finally responds to the marketing campaign put in place by the Cupertino company for several months. On his site, we can discover that the iPad would be a " extraordinateur While a spot dedicated to the iPad Pro aligns five reasons that could make our next computer.

This barely veiled provocation, which is not not the first, points out the diametrically opposed positions of Microsoft and Apple as to the future of the segment. While the former always relies on hybrid products driven by a PC operating system, the second is dreaming of replacing its laptops by powerful and versatile tablets. For the time being, Microsoft is right: as long as iOS does not run more software, the iPad, even Pro, will have its limits – although some trades have already adopted it.

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