Pixel 3: What is the Titan M chip for?

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Titan M is the name given to Google's new security chip. After the cloud servers of the Mountain View company, this technology will be integrated with the software that is found on smartphones, including the Google Pixel 3. Good news for users, since this will optimize the confidentiality of data.

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It's during the launch of Pixel smartphones 3 at the beginning of the week that Google announced that they would be equipped with a new security chip called Titan M. One of Google's hardware manager, Rick Osterloh, has specified the purpose of this component.

Titan M, a new security chip for future smartphones Pixel 3

It's about protecting " the most sensitive locally stored data by securing the lock screen and strengthening encryption ", while maintaining " the integrity of the operating system ". At present, Google has given little information about Titan M. However, we know that the device has already been deployed in its data centers.

This chip, Titan Security, mission is to secure the maximum software running on its servers. It consists in particular of a secure processor, a cryptographic co-processor and a random number generator.

Increased data privacy with Titan M

In a note posted on the blog of Google, clarifications were made on Titan Security's goal, namely to achieve that " the machine boots from a known, non-malicious state, based on verifiable code, and establishes a hardware trust chain for cryptographic operations ".

In the end, the mission of Titan Security is similar to the function that is attributed to crypto-processors that equip some PCs via the Trusted Platform Module, or the iPhone and their Secure Enclave.

With Titan M, Google is only a little behind the competition, its ARM processors have become limited. The Mountain View firm could still be successful as it will have a unified secure space for its mobile devices and servers.

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